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Created on: 26 December 2013

24 V Loop power supply HART mode setting with loop power (adds 250 ohm resistor) 100 % larger dual display 1,200 ohm drive capability on mA source Enhanced backlight with two brightness settings 0-100 % mA Span Check buttons to toggle between 4 and 20 mA Infrared I/O serial port compatible with FlukeView® Forms Software Version 2.1 (available Feb. 2003) Externally accessible fuses for easy replacement DMM designed to meet 1000 volt IEC 1010 CAT III standards Precision 1000 V, 440 mA true-rms digital multimeter Frequency measurement to 20 kHz Min/Max/Average/Hold/Relative modes Diode Test and Continuity Beeper Simultaneous mA and % of scale readout 20 mA dc current source / loop calibrator / simulator Manual Step (100 %, 25 %, Coarse, Fine) plus Auto Step and Auto Ramp Externally accessible battery for easy battery changes Fluke combined a loop calibrator and a DMM to give process technicians double the power in one tool (the Fluke 787). Now we made it even better – the ultimate loop calibration multimeter – the Fluke 789 ProcessMeter. The 789 has a display that's not only twice as large, but also twice as bright with two levels of backlighting. With its...